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The Atmarama-Shop was founded in March 2020 and has evolved from the Arogyam Ayurveda Versand. Its product range mainly includes books, ebooks, video and audio productions about Ayurveda, spiritual knowledge and Vedic philosophy and culture, but also Ayurvedic remedies, cosmetics and Yoga accessories.

The Sanskrit word ātmārāma can be translated as “pleasure in the Self”, the pure bliss that is part of our true nature and which can be realised through spiritual endeavour according to the teachings of the Vedic scriptures.

Veda simply means “knowledge”, “science” to be precise, not speculative knowledge and knowledge acquired through research and experimentation, but revealed, divine knowledge that exists eternally.

An important part of the whole Vedic knowledge is Ayurveda, the science of healthy living. Health is the most important good for every living being; without good health, life can be sorrowful and difficult. In the Vedic scriptures and also in classical Ayurvedic textbooks, spiritual, mental development is emphasised as the most important goal of the living being in the human form of life. Ayurvedic knowledge helps people to progress on this path with a healthy body and mind.

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